Monday, March 14, 2011

Wired and Tired

A very generous friend was going to buy me a plane ticket to travel to China in June. Unfortunately, those plans fell through. C’est la vie. I think in the past a disappointment like this would have spiraled me into the abyss but I have to say it definitely doesn’t feel like that to me at all today. Instead, I feel grateful for the offer having been made at all. However, this setback has me focused on getting some much needed vacation time, away from the office, away from the city either at an ashram or to visit some friends in Vermont. I need time to decompress. I’ve been both wired and tired for a long time. So I’ll figure plans out in the coming weeks.

This weekend was about errands and family dinners. We celebrated my sister’s birthday at one of our favorite restaurants. Party of ten please. My little nieces behaved themselves in our two-hour celebration, hoorah! I realized that my oldest niece is turning 15 years old this year. Holy Hell!! REALLY?! In three years she’ll be off to college. I’m not quite ready for that reality but ready or not here it comes. I can’t stave off progress.

So my plans for this week are to finish off the grant application by Wednesday and start writing a few more lines on my second story idea. No writing group this week so I’ll work on my own. Then next week, I’ll take out Indigo and start revising that piece. I am excited and nervous about working on it. All for now…I have to get my day started at work.



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