Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Radio Silence is Over

Well folks it’s been awhile. I’ve been acclimating to my new schedule, 6 months into my new day job, and finding time at lunch or after work to spend time on the creative writing.  I’m currently working through a short story right now (not science fiction). The ending is bugging me.  I keep re-writing it but blah, it’s just not coming out quite right.
Let’s see, I’ve joined a new writing group since my old writing group has split off.  I present this month so I need to keep working through the problems of this short story before I send it out to the group on Saturday night.  That’s my internal deadline otherwise I’m going to be putzing with it until it’s a tortured mess of a story.  We want to avoid that result. 
Movies-Must make mention that my crush on actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues. I recently saw a few of his movies back-to-back.  An earlier movie called Mysterious Skin (2004) where he plays a young gay hustler and the key moments when the character is the most vulnerable are heartbreaking. I also watched Premium Rush, ‘cause who doesn’t love a good chase movie but really it was candy (no nutritional value). Then I watched Don Jon, this movie surprised me.  He wrote and directed this film which made it better for me.  His character Jon is a player who sleeps with anyone he can get his hands on.  He meets “the one” in Barbara played by Scarlett Johansson, who plays a Jersey girl so well she scared me a little. Haha.  But when Jon doesn’t get his happily ever after, he meets Esther, played by the the wonderful Julianne Moore. The movie was a lot better than I anticipated.  Sweet, sweet, sweet.  Don't you love it when a movie makes you smile from all the way inside?
Health, I have my good days and I have my challenging days.  All the doctor visits haven't helped pin-point the underlying problem but I've managed to strike off a few illnesses off the list.  I guess that's the silver lining. Then I came down with a rebounding migraine that left me feeling a bit hollowed out. The food restrictions had washed down the headaches to once or twice a month. So to have this last one come on so strong and for so many days was a surprise  This week, I've slacked off on the food restriction list, it's amazing how quickly the weight starts to creep up. I just have a soft spot for baked mac & cheese. I have to get back on my strict guidelines again. The one thing that I have been struggling with is going to yoga classes on a more consistent basis.  Being healthy is hard work sometimes.  I know i feel good after a class, just have to show up for them.

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