Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quickie Post

I've spent the past five hours working on the short story Clara Betta today.  Last night, I put in a couple of hours worth.  It still needs more work tho'. So I probably won't send it to the group until tomorrow.  Call me cautious but I'd rather send them something as close to a finished state as possible. Eek!!  Nervous butterflies in my belly.

I love this quiet writing time.  I used to write while listening to music but I've noticed that I need the quiet space to hear the voices trying to come through to tell their story.  It helps the process and there is less resistance when there's quiet to feel my way through the story arc. I saw this great mug online the other day. It read, "Writer's Block: When the voices inside your head stop talking to you."  It made me laugh out loud...'cause it's true.

Tonight I am going to a play reading. I think it's going to be several people presenting work so I'm excited at the prospect of seeing works-in-progress.  I have ideas swirling around my head and I have to keep reminding myself to just jot things down. I never know what will be used or what the next project may need to give it a fresh perspective and those mini-ideas come in handy.

I read an article by Quiara Alegria Hudes in this month's The Dramatist magazine on Subject Matter and it was a great reminder about love for the writing craft. Pen to paper is the only way to build that writing muscle.

I hope this entry makes sense because I'm now on my way out the door.



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