Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Invisible Woman

Wednesday--what a needy bitch of a day it has been today. Work was crazy busy which I always enjoy. The busier it gets the calmer I get, or at least that's how I was on this day.  There is lots more to take care of tomorrow but hump day was all rock and roll.  It will be a low-key early night for me...trying to pay attention to my body cues for a change.  My cell phone keeps ringing which puts me on edge.  I may shut it off completely but I need an alarm clock if that's the case.
I did want to make mention of a movie I saw recently (and if I've already written about it forgive me) but it's worth a second and third mention if that's the case. The Invisible Woman, directed by Ralph Fiennes, screenplay written by Abi Morgan.  Ralph Fiennes played Charles Dickens and Felicity Jones plays the part of Ellen...It's a movie about Charles Dickens and a young woman that he took on as his lover despite his married state, in the height of his writing career.  He kept her a secret from the world but they were together until his death.  This movie is so well written and Felicity Jones is wonderful. I remember her from another favorite of mine, Like Crazy.  I will admit I have a soft spot for period pieces but the dialogue of this movie is exquisite and the quiet moments are heart-wrenching.  I watched this movie weeks ago and it's still lingering in my brain. Scenes still haunt me. Fiennes is amazing to watch. I love when movies affect me so deeply.  * happy sigh *

All for now, I am about to watch Kill Your Darlings.  How I do love movies about writers!!



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