Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pablo Alborán with Carminho - Perdoname

I came across this song as I was hunting for new music and loved it...Pablo Alborán and Carminho sing Perdoname.  I love the harmonies between these two singers and have listened to this song non-stop since Friday. 

So of course I searched out some more songs from both these artists and found this one: Cuando Te Alejas.  The song really gets to me at around 2:20 when the tempo changes and I wish he sung this part twice because it's so lovely. 

Let's see... today I'm in a fog.  I have been like this since yesterday. Shall I blame it on the rain?  Today I didn't work on the novel and I feel a little lost for not having spent any time on it.  The writing has slowed down...but it's okay as long as I keep working on it.  Just today my lack of focus got in the way of sitting quietly and writing. 

Last night, I had dinner with some friends and then we went to see Uncle Vanya at Soho Rep directed by Sam Gold.  It was a decent performance but the staircase risers where the audience sat was uber-uncomfortable.  The first part of the play was very good but the second part shall we say this...some of the actors decided to play their characters sleepy.  And the energy just went down the tubes.
They had some very good moments and the play stayed with me for a good long while afterwards. 

It was 10:30 pm by the time the play let out and I walked to the subway alone.  The night was humid and a hot wind would blow from time to time through the intersections.  The streets were dark and quiet and the traffic noise had died down. I passed some guys skateboarding in a parking lot trying to do stunts and wiping out with hands, elbows and legs splayed out in all directions.  Made me actually wince to see how hard they fell but they'd get back up again and try again.

Anyway, I don't have very much to write I'm off to find myself a strong cup of Earl Grey tea.


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