Sunday, March 19, 2017

4:43 am

I am up very early...4:43 am to be exact. Had a hell of a migraine yesterday.  I'm feeling right as rain now more or less after knocking myself out with meds.  Usually I feel like a zombie, hollowed-out and unable to piece together a coherent thought.  Not today, I cranked up my laptop and started listening to some of my favorite artists: Jack White, James Bay, Ben Howard.  They are keeping me company while I write this entry out.

I went to my writing group yesterday. Didn't present work but was inspired by one of my fellow writers. Her mystery novel is coming along. She presented one chapter but it was spot on.  hoorah. we like to see that.  I need a hot shower, a strong cup of black tea and some quiet time to work on my novel. Yes, my novel is calling...better go answer it.

7:56 am
I managed 1,876 words in the last three hours.  Didn't know I had it in me but apparently this story is writing itself. My muse  had a lot to say and I was just making sure I tried to get as much of it down as possible. Anyway, after two cups of tea, it's time for some breakfast and then a shower.  My growling stomach is refusing to wait for me to take a shower first.


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