Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jackson Pollock - Retro at MOMA

I took a trip to the MOMA on this damp grey December day.  They have a Pollock retrospective that I've wanted to see since November. What amazing work!! I've had a bit of a soft spot for this particular artist for quite some time now and every time I think that reverie will finally subside...I have a moment/an encounter with his work. I looked over his earlier work, it's decent and well worth a look-see but when his work started changing to the drip technique, that's when the music started to come out in his work.  I stood in front of the larger pieces and took it in as a whole piece and then took it in section by section.  His pieces surprise me.  There is a moment when the black and white paint blossom together but keep the edges too.  There is a moment when a red streak is intersected with a black stripe it's hard to describe how my skin tingles and the goosebumps i get because I am looking at genius work.  It's painting in pure form and that's what I LOVE about it.  I looked for an image to put on with this  entry but really his work can't be experienced in miniature needs to be seen in actual scale to take it in fully. I get that his work isn't for everyone.  But all you have to do is really look at the large scale piece and let the crowds melt into the background and open your being to understand how connected Pollock was to the flow of Life/ to the Universe. His work reminds me to keep going, to continue to write in hopes of getting the work in a better place.  I am inspired.  

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